A Niche In Tyme


Welcome to a “A Niche in Tyme”.  We are located at 588 Lighthouse Avenue in Historic Downtown Pacific Grove, California.

“A Niche in Tyme” features a vast array of new (and Estate) Sterling Silver and Gold Jewelry, Coins, Mineral Specimens, Local Artist Creations and related Gift Items...and, we pride ourselves in offering some of the fairest prices on the Monterey Peninsula.

In addition to our 10,000+ line item inventory, we also purchase Silver, Gold, Platinum (Jewelry/Flatware/Coins/Scrap/etc.) and vintage Costume Jewelry from the public (No Appointment Necessary... just drop in).  We highly recommend any potential seller:

  1. (1)Get competitive bids from at least three reputable dealers before making your decision to sell.

  2. (2)Check to ensure the dealer has signage clearly delineating prices paid per gram for each type of precious metal presented.

  3. (3)Check to ensure the dealer has a county “Weights & Measures” certification prominently displayed to ensure their scales have met legal requirements for weighing and purchasing precious metals.

  4. (4)Ensure the dealer acid tests each item in the presence of the seller to ascertain Gold/Silver/Platinum content.

  5. (5)In the case of 1/2 carat or larger Diamonds, ensure the dealer tests the Diamond(s) in the presence of the prospective seller (and does not go to a back room out of sight of the customer’s view...it takes only seconds to remove and replace a stone).

“A Niche in Tyme” is a sole proprietor-owned business and has been in continuous operation since 1984.  Our first 21 years, we were located in the Norfolk/Chesapeake area of Virginia.  We relocated to our present Pacific Grove storefront in 2006.

Due to family caregiving responsibilities, we offer “In Store” sales only.  We do not sell online nor do we ship.  However, if you have never visited the beautiful coastline hamlet of Pacific Grove, you’ll find the trip and experience well worth the time and effort expended.

An Adventure in Jewelry
Located in Historic Pacific Grove, California
Jewelry at Affordable Prices