Our Products

A Niche In Tyme is the kind of place where you stick your head in and then find yourself lingering for an extended browse

At A Niche In Tyme, all of our products are true Sterling Silver from tested and validated suppliers. We offer a wide selection not only of Sterling Silver, but also pieces inset with semi-precious stones, as well as loose stones. In addition to our beautiful jewelry from around the world (sourced directly from artisans and manufacturers), we also have one of a kind estate gold, silver, platinum, and precious stone jewelry. In our shop you might also find exquisite piece of precious metal tableware or an antique decoration. With thousands of different pieces in the shop and more coming every day, we are sure you will find something to peak your interest.

We Are Always Buying

So... you have decided that you have an item (or several) that you no longer utilize and wish to trade or sell. At A Niche In Tyme, we are committed to ensuring that we provide the utmost transparency and information to a potential seller about their item, what we would pay, and how we justify the price.

With us, you will always understand what your items are worth and what we are willing to pay for it. By default, we clearly post current metals spot market values on a big board right in front of you at our buying station. You know what we know, and have the information needed to make your best decision.

Please take a look below at our buying page for all you need to know about buying and selling precious metals, jewelry and coins... or just give us a call at (831) 643-9931.