We Are Buying

Is It Worth Selling?

So... you have decided you have an item (or many) that you no longer want and wish to trade or sell. At A Niche In Tyme, we are committed to ensuring that we provide the upmost transparency and information to a potential seller about their item, what we would pay, and how we justify the price.

We buy jewelry of all types, especially precious metals jewelry like gold, silver, and platinum. In addition to jewelry, we purchase the following items:

  • Loose Gemstone (Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, etc.)
  • Coins / Bullion / Tokens
  • Scrap Precious Metal (Broken Jewelry, Dental Gold, etc.)
  • Precious Metal Tableware
  • Company Service Pins / Employee Badges
  • Militaria (Medals, Badges, Wings, Ribbons, Awards, etc.)
  • Any other interesting or old item that peaks our interest

Our first recommendation to anyone selling is get three offers from three different buyers. Anyone who legally buys in Monterey County needs to have the following:

- Valid County of Monterey Precious Metals Permit

- Valid County Certified Precious Metals Scale

- Valid City Business License

- Legal right to buy precious metals.

If they don't have those four things, protect yourself as a seller and ensure that you find a buyer that does.

Additionally, at A Niche in Tyme, we test all money/currency coming in and going out right in front of the customer so you can be assured that any money you receive is actual legal currency, not a counterfeit.

With us, you will always understand what you items are worth, and what we are willing to pay for it. By default, we clearly post current metals spot market values on a big board right in front of you at our buying station. You know what we know, and have the information needed to make your best decision.

Please take a look at the sections below for all you need to know about buying and selling precious metals and coins.

Trust But Verify

Know Your Numbers

As you walk in, the first thing you see at our buying station is a big board. It contains the current market "spot" prices as provided by Kitco (www.kitco.com) for each precious metal, as well as what we will pay as a MINIMUM for each item based upon its intrinsic metal value. Condition, rarity and resaleability could help increase that price.

We do this because we believe everyone should have the same information. As the seller, you know how we determine our offer price. There should be no confusion or worry about a "Bait and Switch" that might be performed by a less scrupulous buyer.

Publicly Available Spot Metal Pricing

"What is gold going for?" That is often the first question asked by both buyers and sellers. All precious metals are traded on public commodity markets, similar to how stocks are traded. There is a "bid" price, which is what someone is willing to pay, and the "ask" price, which is what the seller wants to get for the item. We use www.kitco.com as our source for this current data, as we have found them to be the most accurate, timely, and easy to read/understand. We are constantly updating our board with the current market prices. You can be assured that for each transaction we do with you, we will validate with you the current pricing on kitco.com at the time of your purchase or sale.

Monterey County Certified Precious Metal Scale

By law, anyone buying precious metals in Monterey County needs a County certified precious metals scale. We have several, their dates are current, and they have been tested/validated as accurate by the County.

If you are looking to sell your items, please ensure the buyer has a County Certified Precious Metals Scale. If they don't, we suggest you safely walk out their door and find someone who does, like A Niche In Tyme

Coin and Bullion Testing

We test all bullion and coins that come and go through our shop with a Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier. This ensures that all items coming and going through the shop are legitimate. We test all items in front of the customer so you know what we know. If you are at another buyer who does not test their items or will not test them in front of you, we kindly suggest you safely walk out their door and find a reputable buyer.

Precious Metal Acid Testing

With precious metals and stones, there is a significant amount of money at stake for both Buyer and Seller. We help remove any uncertainty by testing all precious metals such as jewelry, bullion, and coinage. If an item cannot be tested on our precious metals machine, we perform an acid scratch test. We use only JCP acid, THE leader in the industry, Our acids are FRESH and less than 30 days old. Older acid can possibly provide a false positive test... we work hard to provide the most accurate information to both parties. We perform the test right in front of you, explaining the entire process, and making sure you clearly understand the results.

If you are at another buyer and they are unwilling to acid test and perform the test in front of you, we suggest you leave and find a reputable buyer.

Money Testing

While finding a buyer with the best price is what you are looking for as a seller, you also want to make sure that the money you are getting is real. We test all US currency bills coming in and going out electronically utilizing Ultraviolet, Infrared, Magnetic, and Measurement testing.

If you are trading your precious items for cash, make sure you are getting legal tender.

Stone and Diamond Testing

For those considering selling precious metal jewelry with diamonds, A Niche In Tyme tests each stone with a Presidium Multitester III Diamond tester, which ensures each stone is legitimate. We perform this process on all purchases and will happily do so on any sales.

Coin Research

When it comes to coins (we like paper money too!), we know our stuff, but that does not mean that there is something we do not know. Rather than leave things to chance (or the internet), we have the best reference books available in the industry that are not only available to us, but to you too! We will show you what we find about your item and encourage you to see it and understand as well.