Jade and Precious Stones

Jade and Semi-Precious Stones

We have a unique collection of Jade and Semi-Precious Stones that are sourced both locally and from around the world.

A Niche in Tyme carries stones that have been polished, shaped, and mounted into beautiful Sterling Silver Jewelry, as well as loose stones available for your projects or just to keep loose in your pocket for their magical properties. We also carry special items from local artisans who have custom cut and shaped stones into intricate custom designs.

Sterling Silver & Semi-Precious Stone Jewelry

A classic, elegant gift for the ones you love, INCLUDING YOURSELF! Made from beautiful Sterling Silver and magnificent stones sourced both locally and from around the world... including Larimar, Sapphire, Moonstone, Emerald, Opal, Lapis, Turquoise, Citrine, Sodalite, Amethyst, Malachite, Rose Quartz, Labradorite, Snow Agate, Tiger's Eye, Ocean Jasper, and Rhodochrosite.

For those who appreciate the best of the best, you’ll find the perfect piece in our wide selection of handcrafted, meticulously made jewelry.

There is Nothing like one-of-a-kind custom-carved stone jewelry. Whether a treat for yourself or something for that special someone, each piece is painstakingly hand-carved by the artist. Featuring local and global artists like Pacific Grove's own Justin Barrett, this unique collection is constantly changing. If you see a piece you like, don't hesitate too long. It may not be there the next time you come in.

We have a wonderful selection of intricately carved and shaped jade earrings from noted Pacific Grove artist Justin Barrett.

We have a wide selection of loose, polished semi-precious stones that are ready for your next project... whether that be mounting it into a custom jewelry setting or custom artwork, or just selectively placing a few somewhere in the house that makes you happy.

Across the globe, different stones are revered for their different beneficial properties. Some are believed to ward off evil spirits, bad thoughts, or even disease. We carry a wide range of different stones to meet your fancy.

Natural Jade Jewelry

Sometimes Nature is the best artist! We carry a wide selection of natural stone and jade jewelry

Loose Jade

Many local artists come to A Niche In Tyme to source the materials for their next projects. Others are looking for that unique home decoration. We have loose stones in all shorts of shapes and sizes for your use.

Corals - The Stone of the Sea

While not truly a stone, coral is actually the calcified remains of sea creatures. While many are aware of things like abalone shell and even red coral that has been used in Native American jewelry for hundreds of years, we also carry sea coral for all of your decorating or display needs.


A fascinating look back at living history. The same time and geological pressure that brings us beautiful stones helps memorialize those life forms that have lived in the past. .

We Are Always Buying

So... you have decided that you have an item (or several) that you no longer utilize and wish to trade or sell. At A Niche In Tyme, we are committed to ensuring that we provide the utmost transparency and information to a potential seller about their item, what we would pay, and how we justify the price.

With us, you will always understand what your items are worth and what we are willing to pay for it. By default, we clearly post current metals spot market values on a big board right in front of you at our buying station. You know what we know, and have the information needed to make your best decision.

Please take a look below at our buying page for all you need to know about buying and selling precious metals, jewelry and coins... or just give us a call at (831) 643-9931.