Precious Metals and Coins

Precious Metals, Coinage, and Bullion

Since the beginning of time, shiny objects have attracted man, To that end, it is not surprising that the shinier the metal, and the harder it is to find, the more it will cost.

There are generally four precious metals that have been collected, forged and shaped into coinage and bullion for use as trade and payment for goods and services:


At A Niche in Tyme, we carry a wide variety of precious metal coins and bullion for sale. Our inventory literally changes by the hour based upon the commodities market and what we have bought and sold that day. While we generally deal in precious metal coins and bullion (gold/silver/platinum), we do occasionally have numismatic coins available for purchase as well. Below are some examples of the coins that we look to carry.

We are also always looking to buy. If you are interested in selling, please take a look at our buying page or give us a call at (831) 643-9931


American $20 Liberty

American $20 St. Gaudens

American Indian $10

American $50 Buffalo

American Gold Eagle

American Silver Eagle

American Platinum Eagle

American Palladium 1 oz

British Sovereign

Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

Canadian Silver Maple Leaf

France 20 Francs

Austrian Philharmonic

Mexican 50 Peso Centinario

South African Krugerrand

Austrian Ducat

US Morgan Silver Dollar

US Peace Silver Dollar

US Walking Liberty Half Dollar

Us Franklin Half Dollar

US Kennedy Half Dollar


US Barber Half Dollar

US Standing Liberty Quarter

Us Washington Quarter



Silver 1 Oz Rounds

Silver 1 Oz Bars

Silver 5 Oz Bars

Silver 10 Oz Bars

Silver 100 Oz Bars

Gold 1g Bars

Gold 10g Bars

Gold 1 Oz

We Are Always Buying

So... you have decided that you have an item (or several) that you no longer utilize and wish to trade or sell. At A Niche In Tyme, we are committed to ensuring that we provide the utmost transparency and information to a potential seller about their item, what we would pay, and how we justify the price.

With us, you will always understand what your items are worth and what we are willing to pay for it. By default, we clearly post current metals spot market values on a big board right in front of you at our buying station. You know what we know, and have the information needed to make your best decision.

Please take a look below at our buying page for all you need to know about buying and selling precious metals, jewelry and coins... or just give us a call at (831) 643-9931.